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505, 2017

GTP uses drone for stock counting


GTP, which operates with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) automation solutions, Real Time Location System (RTLS) and Telemetry, has just launched an integrated inventory tool with geolocation software and drone sensors focused on accurately controlling inventories . The company's investment in the solution was over R $ 1 million in the last 3 years. The tool was designed for companies that take stock of their inventories and need to accelerate processes. The system uses RTLS technology, whose aerial sensors determine the drone's flight path and generate data that will be crossed with the Warehouse Management System (WMS), performing the inventory accurately. Capable of measuring the relative distance between pallet heights, the drone sends real-time images via telemetry and calculates the quantity of products in the warehouse. Despite not revealing its customers, the company claims that the drone has already been tested [...]

505, 2017

GTP is featured in Epoca Negocios


The latest issue of Epoca Negocios Magazine presents an exclusive feature about GTP's new inventory counting solution. In the report, journalist Nayara Fraga explains how drones can replace obsolete counting forms, such as manual counting. "Equipped with aerial sensors, the drone understands the distance from the ground and measures the height, width and volume of objects. The captured data is then sent to a software and crossed with the income and outbound products. Any mismatch is pointed out in real time", explains Fraga. US$ 1,5 million was how much GTP invested in the development of technology 15 minutes is the time the drone takes to count the same amount of items that the manual system would count in 1 hour R$ 38 million is how much GTP should bill in 2017; the drones must account for R$ 5 million Read [...]

505, 2017

More technology at the service of airport innovation


With an average annual turnover of 20 million passengers per year, the country's airports are investing in new technologies to simplify, reduce bureaucracy and expedite procedures such as boarding and disembarking passengers, checking and security at terminals. At least one in five travelers are already flight check-in on the internet, according to a survey by the Presidency's Aviation Secretariat. But anyone who sees this technology at their fingertips can hardly imagine the complexity of the technological operation that makes an aircraft take off. When entering an airplane, there is science everywhere, but it is not alone: ​​technology has also come with force to the experience of passengers at Brazilian airports. The Guarulhos airport - granted to the private sector in June 2012 - focuses on modernizing procedures that streamline the flow of passengers. With the inauguration of Terminal 3, there [...]

3107, 2012

Learn more about the GTP platform


Global Technology Partners (GTP) is among the five largest automation companies in Brazil. Its set of solutions includes four axes: the automation of distribution centers, airports, patios and port logistics. Among the products developed by the company are electronic seals, E-bin (electronic Kaban), E-Seal, E-lockers and drones. As an IoT Service provider GTP is a key reference in the industrial automation market for over 15 years. Its history of large and medium-size customers and its strong reputation in the area of logistics, inventory and tracking make the company a Trusted Advisor. In addition, GTP has its own data acquisition platform, mature and constantly evolving. Its expertise in integrating IoT in complex environments is due in part to the investments made in the R&D area: softwares and IoT equipments for data acquisition and tracking. GTP offers high-quality IoT, sensing, data acquisition [...]

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