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hunter™ IoT Visibility Manager

O hunter® IoT Visibility Manager is a process automation platform that identifies, controls and manages sensors, actuators and RFID transponders.

CONTROL | High level of automation with reliability and accuracy.DECISION MAKING | Effective information systems become key elements in management. EFFICACY | Ability to react quickly to processed information.WHAT DOES THE HUNTER® DO? Identifies, captures, manages, tracks and ensures the loyalty of sensor data from the point of collection to delivery to the Business Management Software.

HUNTER® USES ITS SENSORS TO ▪ Monitor RF sensors networks (temperature, humidity, gas pressure, liquid level, etc.). ▪ Control circuits for opening and closing switches. ▪ Control the recording of RFID sensors. ▪ Send alarms and alerts for smartphones or other mobile devices. ▪ Integrate sensors and RF switches to ERP management applications and programmable logic controllers (PLC). ▪ Control collectors and RFID antennas.