GTP uses drone for stock counting

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GTP uses drone for stock counting

GTP, which operates with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) automation solutions, Real Time Location System (RTLS) and Telemetry, has just launched an integrated inventory tool with geolocation software and drone sensors focused on accurately controlling inventories .

The company’s investment in the solution was over R $ 1 million in the last 3 years.

The tool was designed for companies that take stock of their inventories and need to accelerate processes. The system uses RTLS technology, whose aerial sensors determine the drone’s flight path and generate data that will be crossed with the Warehouse Management System (WMS), performing the inventory accurately.

Capable of measuring the relative distance between pallet heights, the drone sends real-time images via telemetry and calculates the quantity of products in the warehouse.

Despite not revealing its customers, the company claims that the drone has already been tested in two of the largest companies in the country.

In one of them, from the oil and gas sector, it was applied to asset management and construction of oil transportation pipelines between two refineries with 50 km distance. In the other, from the beverage sector, it generated a 90% reduction in operating costs with inventory.

According to Luiz Araújo, director of operations of GTP, the development of the project was based on demands of the oil and gas sector, due to the need to facilitate the inventory survey in very large pipelines.

“This type of work required the entire engineering team and demanded very complex logistics actions, so we started working on this solution,” he says.

The system also monitors and locates in real time the movement of pallets, forklifts and people, in order to prevent accidents by sending a signal to the employee and the vehicle.

From the creation of the drone system, GTP’s plan is to offer mapping services without selling the equipment.

Today the company serves around 40 customers in Brazil. With the drone, the goal is to win 5 new customers per year, but also to carry out the inventory services in about 25 warehouses of companies already served.

With 16 years in the market, GTP develops technology for the logistics, warehousing, supply chain, stock, transportation, handling and retail sectors.

In 2016, the company expects to earn R$ 32 million. The expectation is that in 2020 the value surpasses the R$ 100 million, for projects related to drone, robotics and the development of wearables.